Thermal audit

Thermal test

You have noticed that it is getting colder in your house? You spend more money on heating resources, but anyway, the room temperature cannot ensure a comfortable feeling? In order to reduce costs, you have already started to consider a possibility of partial house heating? Do not hurry to adopt any drastic solutions: it is quite possible that the heat insulation system for your house must be optimized. Heat leakage may be determined by using a special device called thermovisor. It can be placed on a wall in order to find any defects – the problematic places are clearly shown on the device monitor. siltumefektivitates-audits

How a thermovisor works?

A thermovisor is designed for measuring surface temperature changes. Distribution of heat within a thermal area of the surface located in the thermovisor perception zone can be displayed on the device monitor or in its memory as a colour field. Each temperature corresponds with a specific colour. With the use of a thermovisor it is possible to test building sites after completion of construction works or to perform inspection of apartments, houses and other rooms during their operation or reconstruction. The obtained thermograms are processed by using special computer programs that make a report. Such report is a complete investigation of your house, including photo images and thermograms of the inspected wall and roof areas. All problematic places with the affected thermotechnical characteristics are indicated on these images.


audits1 In this example you can see a thermogram of a house, where the main loss of heat occurs through the walls (marked in light colour). Here you can see that the loss of heat through the roof is minimal (marked in blue colour). audits2 In the next image you can see the thermogram of a house, where the face of the building is insulated with „Polyfasad” heat-insulating boards, and you can also evaluate the results. audits3 Such thermograms can be seen for all houses, where the building face is insulated with the production made by our company.