Advantages of the “Polyfasad” technology Why are the “Polyfasad” company products so desirable and why do buyers provide positive feedback about them?Polifasad

  •  “Polyfasad” heat-insulating boards can perfectly protect houses against the loss of heat. Owing to appliance of high quality materials and unique technologies, our products can defy competition with other heat insulating materials.
  • Heat economy in the buildings equipped with “Polyfasad” heat-insulating boards can reach up to 40%. The aesthetic aspect of this issue cannot also be denied: the “Polyfasad” boards not only fulfil their functions, but also ensure perfect external view of a house.


  • A democratic price. The price of one “Polyfasad” heat-insulating board together with the materials required for its assembling is by several times lower than the price if using bricks and similar heating materials for insulation of the same surface area.


If you choose “Polyfasad” heat insulation and decoration of buildings according to the “Polyfasad” technology , you will:

  • decrease costs that are required for buying heat insulation materials.  “Polyfasad” heat-insulating boards are by several times lower in cost in comparison with any other external decoration materials for building foreside;
  • get the guaranteed results. “Polyfasad” heat-insulating boards have perfect technical characteristics: high heat insulation and noise insulation, perfect external view, high stability;
  • be able to perform heat insulation of your house in any time that is suitable for you, regardless of the season and weather condition.


Technical characteristics of “Polyfasad” heat-insulating boards


Linear sizes 500х500 mm.
Panel weight 2.4 – 4.5 kg.
Colour white
Operation temperature from -50° up to +70° C
Stability against pressure 24.6 MPa
Stability against stretching and flexing up to 150 kg/cm²
Water absorption less than 3%
Wear resistance less than 0.4 g/cm²