What is Polyfasad?

  “Polyfasad” heat-insulating boards – this is a new product for heat insulation and decoration of your house. The insulating boards consist of two layers. The first layer is designed for protection and decoration, it is a high quality panel made of white cement, siliceous sand, reinforcing fibers and other components. The second layer is a foam polystyrene board, polyurethane foam board or stone wool slap, 40 – 200 mm thickness. The size of one “Polyfasad” heat-insulating board is 500х500 mm, while it’s weight is only 4.5 kg.     slani “Polyfasad” is a new name in the field of thermal insulation of houses. Effectiveness of our heat-insulating panels is by several times higher than similar showings of traditional materials, such as bricks, but the price is significantly lower. Use of the “Polyfasad” heat-insulating boards will enable you to spare at least 30% of heat and, at the same time, reduce costs related to house heating. Assembly of “Polyfasad” heat-insulating boards can be performed at any time of a year. And finally, “Polyfasad” heat-insulating boards can be a real discovery for decorators: the external layer of a panel can be coloured in any colour and, moreover, the decorative pattern can be chosen in accordance with the customer’s individual requirements.

 Distinctive features of “Polyfasad” heat-insulating boards


  1. The efficient use of time and power for heat insulation of a building foreside: the costs will be by several times lower than the costs if using heat insulation technologies that are already outdated.
  2. Creation of the functional decoration of a building foreside: „Polyfasad” heat-insulating boards can strengthen, insulate and create beautiful and respectable view of the building external walls.
  3. Easy assembly: assembly of “Polyfasad” heat-insulating boards is an easy and non-expensive procedure which is not labour-consuming.polifasad2
  4. Practicability of using „Polyfasad” heat-insulating boards: it is possible to assemble these boards as an additional element for heat insulation and for external decoration of buildings and to use them also for construction projects that have already been put in operation.
  5. Polyfasad-maju-apdare-dekorativais-apmetumsWide range of decoration patterns: more than 15 decorative ornamental patterns for external heat insulation of a house are available.
  6. Choice of colours for decoration of a building foreside: you can create a unique visual appearance of your house foreside by colouring “Polyfasad” heat-insulating boards in your own style.
  7. Effective appearance of the house decoration: the insulation boards have highly aesthetic properties, such as perfect patterns + reasonable price.